The Puliyogare Ride to Subbanna Mess, MeluKote

Puliyogare and Chilly Pickle Ride to MeluKote

Preface: When you live in a busy city as Bangalore and own a Machine such as the Kawasaki Versys 650, your idea of a weekend certainly does comprise of “Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride” to not only crunch few miles on your mean machine but also to explore the Majestic Landscapes of blissful Karnataka.
This was exactly what Me and few Members from The Bangalore Kawasaki Versys 650 riders Group  a.k.a Versys Bangalore Riders(VBR) decided to do on 2nd July 2017. It was Manohar Joshi, a passionate tourer and a veteran Cinematographer from Sandalwood  who conceptualised this ride and posted it on our WhatsApp group and soon enough we had a ride on our hands!


A South Indian Rice Delicacy typically comprising of Tamarind, Ground nut, Chillies, Channa Dal amongst other ingredients.

The ride: 

VBR is one of the popular Versys Riders group known across India and is a melting pot for many Adventure Tourers who hail from Bangalore. The motto of this group is to nest all the Kawasaki Versys Riders from Bangalore be it the V650 or V1000 and organise meet up’s, share experiences, ride together and of course help community with all touring and Versys related queries.

The last time VBR folks rode together was on 28th May to Vidhurashwatha at GauriBidanur. Since then there were no major gathering and we for sure needed one and the fact that I would soon move base from Bangalore meant that I didn’t want to miss any either.

The Plot

In last week of June, Manohar conceptualises the Melukote ride and posts it for participation from other members and within no time close to 15 riders are up for the gig!

After few folks deciding to drop out owing various reasons, 10 VBR folks make it to the ride and Manohar continued to co-ordinate and decides Nelamangala Toll as the meeting point for the Melukote Ride and the reporting time is set between 6 – 6:30.

MeluKote Puliyogare
At the Toll

Once everyone arrived, Sean decided to lead while Mr Joshi decided to Sweep. Sean set his GPS straight to Subbanna Mess, Melukote and off we zipped. Soon enough the group ride was auto divided into 2 groups, one – the Ultra fast or 170+ Group and then the above  ‘average Indian Top speed’ riders of 120 kmph. With these speeds on ours instrument clusters, we munched miles extremely quick.

Route and Ride

The route we chose was Bangalore – Nelamangala – Mangalore Highway – Melukote – Bangalore and its needless to say Bangalore – Hassan highway turns into Biker Heaven on weekends and we too were soon accompanied by the likes of HOGS(Harley Owners), Tigers, GS’s and many more exotic super bikes.
Amidst this, Sean continued to lead the ride with speeds grossing 180+ on certain stretches however he was extremely impressed by a skinny Triumph Tiger rider who he assumed to be riding an Explorer 1200 as he hit full gas at those maniac speeds and bid good bye to Sean. It was only later that Abhijeet, a fellow Versys rider who is getting LeH’d next month along with the Tiger 800 guy enlightened Sean and most of us that it was a Tiger 800 and not the assumed Explorer 1200.

The rider was able to do so despite full set of panniers and with all possible bells and whistles, thanks to after market mods comprising of an Akrapovic exhaust coupled with a BMC air filter. Man that guy was a skilled rider!

Post Yediyur, we had to take a diversion hence our Lightening fast lead – Sean decided to stop and wait for the rest of riders. All but Jabir reached the Lanco Toll. Despite multiple phone calls from one of the Group Admin – Manish, he was still unable to get through to Jabir. Post waiting for almost 20-25 minutes, we see Amrut, another high speed rider joining us for the ride and he then updated us that he spotted Jabir and they both rode together but just when the question popped up on everyone’s mind, ‘Then where’s Jabir?’, we could see the bright Rigid LED’s on Jabir’s bike. We then had regrouped and headed towards Subbanna Mess.

The road to Puliyogare

The roads that lead to Subbanna Mess were alluring with spectacular twisties where most of us swept the roads on V but the crown for the person ‘kissing’ the tarmac went to our beloved admin Manish and in Mr Joshi’s words “Manish’s Sena(Bluetooth device attached to the side of the helmet) was touching the tarmac”.

We then reached the Mess and in no time the riding gears come off and the riders especially Amruth were set to relish the delicacies! It’s this when Pramod, a V1000 rider joins the party almost about an hour later than he planned but he didn’t waste any time digging in!

Subanna Mess, Melukote
Subanna Mess, Melukote
Subanna Mess
Thatte Idli coupled with Vada and Chutney – One of must have’s! PC – Sean
Subbanna Mess Melukote
The lads waiting for foooooooooood while Manish, Manohar and Amruth PC: Sean

While everyone was busy relishing on the yummy Puliyogare, Thatte Idli, Dosa, Manohar and Amruth had already moved onto the Desert leg! They were repeatedly ordering for ‘Sakre Pongal’ or what’s knows as Sugar Pongal.

Meanwhile, most of us were waiting for Rajaram(not Mohan Roy), who was supposed to join me and Varun(fellow V rider) at Old Madras Road but got delayed. I guess he wanted to have grand entry in his New Triumph Bonneville T120!

That bike stood by its image – a true modern day classic.

Subbanna Mess
Rajaram on his Triumph Bonneville T120

Post the exuberant brunch, few of us picked up Puliyogare ingredients from the store and couple of other things including chilli Pickles! Manohar was happy that he could skip this activity as his wife hadn’t accompanied him!

We then rode to the Melukote Lake and spent time catching up on conversations and of course clicking some pictures.

Attention everyone – Cinematographer Manohar Joshi is hard at work!
The Green Lantern
Subbanna Mess
The V’s!

After about spending an hour near the lake, we decided to get back to ‘Namma Bengaluru’ however soon enough Amruth popped a plan of an ice cream pit stop at Polar Bear and almost everyone noted a ‘yes’.

They look like Pro’s!
Adios Melukote till the V’s see you again

Some of us fuelled up and then headed towards Polar Bear on Bangalore – Mangalore Highway and about an hour later we headed home.

Polar bear enroute Bangalore – Mangalore highway

The return journey was a relaxed one and didn’t see us doing insane speed as most of us were still high on “Puliyogare”. All of us reached home safe and WhatsApp started buzzing with juice about the ride from the ones who joined and the ones who didn’t. While some appreciate the ride, some regretted of having missed it. With this, we already look forward to the next ride.

Other info about Melukote:

Melukote is known for Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple,  Yoganarasimha temple and Melkote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary
Distance: from Bangalore – 135 kms, From Mysore – about 50 kms
Transportation – Personal Transport preferred however it can be accessed by KSRTC buses too

Thank you reading this blog. See ya soon!


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