About Me

Hello Adventure Motorcycle  folks and others!  I am Sanjeev Prakash, also known as, Prax Sans. Born in Mumbai and currently based in Bangalore, India.

I am a Graphic Designer and a Project Manager by profession, however, it is my outright love for the ‘road trips’ that really keeps me going. Back in 2009, life was just mundane. It revolved around work & rest! The craving to change the repetitious routine gave birth to by far best phase of my life – Adventure Motorcycling.

How it all Started:

It all started with my dad’s Hero Honda CD 100! Yes, a 100cc CD 100. Whenever I got the opportunity to ride it, I started exploring nearby places & even did my first motorcycle ‘tour’ on it. Eventually, the saga grew & Hero Honda CD 100 was soon replaced by Hero Honda Karizma followed by the Yamaha YZF r15 v1.0.

I mostly travel on my trusty Yamaha R15 Motorcycle to capture those breathtaking landscapes and that unimagined remoteness. I believe in shooting remote landscapes. Most often travelled solo on my trusted motorcycle. Ever since I was a kid, travelling fascinated me and through my lens I intend to show the remotest corners of the world usually termed as the ‘Road less travelled’ or to put it even better ‘I travel the most, where there are no roads’.

My solo bike expeditions to Guhar Moti and Sir Creek, the western-most tip in Kutch, Gujarat; and the incredible Niti Valley in Uttarakhand, which my friends and I dubbed as the ‘upcoming Ladakh of India’ are reminiscent of what all still remains, to explore out there.

It wouldn’t surprise me if your instinct takes you to Google or net-surf these places, as these circuits are not quite familiar or talked of by many travellers or explorers, adding that distinctiveness to my journeys. These exceptionally remote places gifted me with the sense to see and experience the diversity of our culture, connect with the people and their lifestyles, in a way that the phrases ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ and ‘Incredible India’ now find a deeper bond and significance in my life.

While I was on these Adventure’s, I learnt how I was missing out on capturing some of the splendid moments that I witnessed during my journeys. I realized that Photography is an art I need to learn.

The day I bought my first camera in 2014, a Canon EOS 70d and began taking pictures with it, I also conceived it as the next best thing to Adventure Motorcycling.

They say that a picture speaks a 1000 words & I somewhere am inching close to it with my work as they are finally expressing my thoughts and I am looking forward to learn more. I can help you too if you are pursuing any photography projects or have something similar in mind. Together we can do something great!

That reminds me of this quote I read somewhere by Nicolas Bouvier (from the book ‘The Way of the World):

“Traveling outgrows its motives. It soon proves sufficient in itself. You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you – or unmaking you.”

It is absolutely encouraging when I see a person looking at a picture I took at one of these trips and being captivated and curious about it. I have heard so many say that ‘life is made up of small moments’ and I admit that these small moments of joy trigger an unceasing urge within me to find my next adventure. In fact, this has been an inspiration for me to blog about my experiences, the journey, the inception and everything else.

When people learn that I have clocked more than 270000 kms of distance on my Yamaha R15 V1.0 motorcycle, it astonishes them and many insisted countless times to blog about it and I am finally here!

For all adventure seekers:

This blog site is dedicated to touring, especially adventure tourers or explorers and I am here to blog not just about my tours but for yours as well. Yes, that is absolutely right! I can blog your touring experiences too, within the shortest time possible, while you are on the road and busy mile munching!

Besides utilizing this site as a blog, I look forward to hosting the most vital information a traveler, an adventurer or a biker would need to prepare for these rides. I have facilitated some interesting information, ranging from a medical kit for various types of rides, to a tool kit customized for some of the most common bikes. You can even visit the download section to grab some of my work which will aid in your journey.

About the Touragrapher Logo:

Adventure motorcycle Touragrapher logo

This logo is an amalgamation of the things I currently love and am super passionate about – a well-known adventure bike, the colorful camera lens and of course those boxes you see there are Panniers found on an Adventure Superbike! The Text ‘Touragrapher’ likewise, is a blend of two allied themes – Touring & Photography. The text in Sanskrit ‘Loka Pariyatan Karoti’ literally means “to travel or the intention to travel”. It symbolizes an assimilation of my eagerness to travel the whole wide world on a motorcycle.

I hope you enjoy reading these chronicles as much as I enjoyed experiencing & writing about it. If you would like to show me some love, then do like or stroll through my site & connect with me on popular socials. You can even give me a thumbs up on my Facebook page

Lots of love, Ride Safe & Regards,

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